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Sonnet #1:The Sky

Today I set out to speak with the sky.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes, stared back at me.

Out poured questions from me, into her thighs.

Smiling, whispering, winking, sat she.

The nothings she whispered caught me off guard.

Stumbling there, I fell back on the grass.

I saw then and there the world was her yard.

As darkness did come, her eyes gleamed at last.

Saw I her many moods, and deep deep eyes.

Pin me down, she did, with devious stare.

Days and nights passed like many “sinful” lies.

Little by little, she drank up my care.

I lie there so long that we soon became one.

We melted together, under the sun.


The Two Cups

There are two Cups in my house.

The first is called the Cup of Forgetfulness.

I refuse to drink from this Cup,

eyeing it warily from a distance.

Others in my family prefer this Cup.


In order to drink from this first Cup,

one must also sit in the Chair of Forgetfulness.

In this chair, sipping from this Cup,

one can drink up any number of tantalizing

sights and sounds.


But those who drink are never full.

And those who drink have forgotten

what it means to be empty or full.

But to this Cup, and to this Couch, still they come…


There is another Cup in my house,

which many cannot see.

When I go walking, I take it out

and keep it close to me.


In the Spring of Memory

I fill this cup,

which is to say the Spring of Life,

and all things worth doing.


Because it does not appear

as other Cups,

I am told that it does not exist.

But no matter this doubt,

for my thirst is quenched.


Take this Cup and think of it as me…